We’re recycling clean, dry suits to make new cold-water gear.

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Trade in your old wetsuits this June and we’ll recycle them into new cold-water gear. We’ll even give you 20% off your next purchase at

For the next phase of Wetsuits from Wetsuits, we’ve teamed up with Circular Flow and our takeback partner Reskinned to launch an innovative closed-loop recycling scheme.

With Circular Flow's help, we’ll transform old suits – of any brand, any size, and any condition – into new ocean-based accessories, taking a step closer to our goal of a fully circular wetsuit.

It’s circularity made simple; better for the planet, your wallet and your wetsuits.


How it works


Add the number of wetsuits you want to return to your takeback basket

Simply select your return items using our easy online tool. We'll step you through the process.


Package up your items and take to the courier drop point

We don’t want to create unnecessary packaging, so re-use a delivery box, or a fashion delivery bag you already have. So long as it’s clean and strong enough to survive the journey that’s great.


We’ll verify your trade-in and send you an e-voucher

Once we’ve received your takeback, we’ll verify it and then email you a credit voucher for qualifying items.


Shop at Finisterre!

Your old item is being given another life, now it's time to spend that voucher at Finisterre online or instore.