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Trade-in your pre-loved clothes for up to £25 to spend at Oliver Bonas

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We want our products to be loved, worn for years and get as much use as possible, which is why we've partnered with Reskinned. 

Sometimes you fall out of love with a style or it just doesn’t fit anymore, and this is where Reskinned comes in. They take pre-loved Oliver Bonas clothing and recondition it ready to resell to another happy customer.

Any pieces that cannot be reconditioned for resale will be reused or, if they’ve reached the end of their life, responsibly recycled. This way, Reskinned are maximising the potential of every product and keeping it out of landfill.

We’re starting slow so that we get this right. We're currently only accepting clothing, footwear, accessories and bags.

Let's breathe new life into the Oliver Bonas items that no longer have a place in your wardrobe. 

How it works


Add the Oliver Bonas items you want to return to your takeback basket

Simply select your return items using our easy online tool. We'll step you through the process.


Package up your items and take to the courier drop point

We don’t want to create unnecessary packaging so re-use a delivery box, or a fashion delivery bag you already have. So long as it’s clean and strong enough to survive the journey, that’s great.


We’ll verify your trade-in and send you a discount code

Once we’ve received your takeback, we’ll verify it and then email you a discount code for qualifying items.


Shop at Oliver Bonas!

Your old item is being given another life, now it's time to use that discount code at Oliver Bonas online.